How to File a Complaint With the Attorney General

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If you feel you have been the victim of fraud or an illegal practice by a large company, you do have a way to get even. You can file a complaint with the Attorney General and expect results, provided your complaint is taken seriously and has merit.

The Attorney General will contact the company and request they offer you a resolution. The Attorney General's Office in your state can guide you through their process for receiving and resolving consumer complaints.

How to File a Complaint With the Attorney General

Step 1

Locate your Attorney General's office online or in the yellow pages.

Step 2

Online, browse the consumer protection section, and click the "file a complaint" link. If you are mailing your complaint, just copy down the address.

Step 3

Include all the information you can in your complaint. Explain in steps what the company offered and what you received. Include dates and be as specific as possible, using relevant facts and no opinions. Include the dates of your correspondence to the company, what the company said to you and how they handled your complaint.

Step 4

Upload or include as many supporting documents as you possibly can; bank statements, proof of payments, receipts of the merchandise, account statements or service work orders. If you have statements or information online like in your bank account, take screen shots of these pages, save them as JPEGs and upload them with the complaint.

Step 5

You will receive a letter verifying the receipt of your complaint. It is now up to the company to try and resolve the issue with you, and they should contact you in a few weeks.