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With over a billion users, it's hard to imagine how many complaints Facebook might receive each day. Rather than having a toll-free hotline, Facebook uses a series of web forms to allow people to submit their complaints online. These forms aren't always easy to find and their locations vary depending on the nature of the complaint. If you're a business owner, some of the most useful complaint forms include billing and advertising, copyright or trademark infringement, as well as general complaints about specific content ranging from spam to online bullying.

Complaints About Content

Navigate to the content you want to complain about on Facebook. Click the "Options" link below or near the content. Select the "Report" option.

Select the option that most closely matches your complaint. For example, to complain about a photo, you can specify that you don't like the photo, that it is harassing, that it's spam or that it is your intellectual property.

Follow any onscreen instructions as requested to complete the complaint process.

Navigate to the How to Report Things page if you can't find the options link near the content you want to complain about, or if you're uncertain how to complain about specific content.

Other Complaints

Navigate to the Facebook Help Center main page. Click the "Gear" icon in the upper-right corner of your home page, click "Help" and then click "Visit the Help Center."

Click the "Report Something" link in the left menu of the Help Center page.

Select any of the other options in the menu to find specific instructions for your complaint. These include general instructions on how to report things, reporting bugs, and complaints about online bullying.

Navigate to the Adverts Billing Enquiry page to contact Facebook about an advertising billing issue or to submit a complaint. Follow the onscreen instructions and then provide your contact information if requested.

Go to the Facebook Help Center Copyright page to complain about violations of your copyright or trademark. Specific instructions are also provided here for impostor accounts, hacked accounts, abuse, page administrative issues, privacy rights and functionality issues.

Use the Report an Ad page to complain about ads that violate Facebook's Advertising Guidelines or Terms of Use. While Facebook does investigate every complaint, you may not get a personal reply regarding your complaint.

If You Don't Have a Facebook Account

Go to Facebook's Report a Violation of the Facebook Terms page if you don't have an account and want to file a complaint with Facebook.

Select the issue that most closely matches your complaint. For example, to report a copyright infringement, you can select "Something on Facebook Violates My Rights." Click Send.

Follow the onscreen instructions that appear. In the copyright example, you are prompted to select "Copyright," "Trademark" or "Other." Selecting "Copyright" gives you information on copyrights until you are prompted to specify the nature of the complaint, which include options like "Photo or Video," "Page" and "Advert."

Provide the requested information to submit your complaint. To complain about a copyright infringement, for example, you are asked to identify your work, provide a link if appropriate, and to specify if you are the rights holder or the authorized representative of the rights owner.

Enter your contact information as requested. To report a copyright as the rights holder, you are asked to provide your name, phone number, email address and mailing address. You can also include your company name and job title if appropriate.

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