How to Get a Permit to Carry a Concealed Weapon in Virginia

How to Get a Permit to Carry a Concealed Weapon in Virginia. Virginia is a "shall issue" state. A carry and conceal weapon (CCW) permit will be issued to anyone who qualifies. The issuing authority is your local state circuit court for residents. Non-residents must apply with the Virginia State Police. The following steps show how to obtain a CCW license.

Be 21 years old and pass a firearms training class approved by the circuit court. It may be National Rifle Association, military, security guard or police training, but check with your circuit court for details.

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Obtain an application from your local circuit court. Submit the completed application, training certificate, photo identification such as a driver's license or DD-214 if you have prior military experience, and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Some jurisdictions require fingerprints for residents.

Provide fingerprints if you are a non-resident. The permit fee differs for residents and non-residents.

Receive the permit or be denied in 45 days. If your permit has not been processed within 45 days, the court clerk must issue you a temporary permit good for 90 days or until the permanent one is ready.

Renew your permit every five years. Residents do not need to provide their fingerprints, but non-residents do. You are not required to inform a law enforcement officer that you are carrying a concealed weapon.

Refrain from carrying a concealed weapon to bars, churches, school property or any building with a sign banning firearms.

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