How to Find a Group Home for a Juvenile Delinquent

Search for programs and centers for delinquent juveniles at the Family First Aid Web site (see Resources below).

Look for a group home with a clear corporate history and sound organization. Frequent reorganization is often a sign that the institution doesn't want to provide accountability information.

Discuss your options with a child therapist, who can help determine if the facilities you're looking at have the necessary components to be effective.

Inquire about the history of a facility and how problems have been handled in the past. A group home which claims no past problems is probably not being completely honest.

Ask questions about juveniles who have left the home, and their reasons for doing so. Find out the average length of time spent in the program.

Visit the facility and speak with staff, faculty and current residents. Check that the home is clean and orderly.

Utilize any on-going assistance provided once a juvenile has left the home. Many of the better group homes continue to assist former residents via counseling, job searches and even help applying to colleges.