How to File for Legal Guardianship of Children in MS

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Write a petition for guardianship. You can obtain forms at the courthouse. The petition should state the names of the child’s birth parents, the child’s name and address, the child’s birth date, your name and address, your relation to the child and facts indicating why you should be appointed guardian.

Send a copy of your petition to the child’s parents or current guardian. Send a copy to the court clerk in the Mississippi court located where the child lives; the clerk will file the petition.

Attend the hearing scheduled by the court to resolve the child custody matter. Once your petition is filed, the court will hear testimony about why you should be appointed as guardian. Interested parties, such as the current guardian or the child’s custodial parent, can argue for or against the appointment. The judge will make a determination on the best interests of the child and appoint you as guardian if it is in the child’s best interests.


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