Probation Rules for Minors

The conditions of juvenile probation provide the structure necessary for a minor to turn his life in the right direction. Restrictions force a minor to avoid the situations that may have landed him in trouble in the past, with the guidance of a probation officer to hold him accountable for making the right choices, from being a better family member to performing better in school.

Police Contact and Visitation

Minors on probation are required to obey all laws and report any contact with law enforcement to a probation officer within 24 hours of any occurrence. They must also answer questions from a probation officer truthfully and must not be deceptive when being questioned. Visits to a minor's home by a probation officer should be expected at all reasonable times, and the minor should do nothing that stops a probation officer from performing these visits.

School Work and Home Life

Any difficulties in home life or school must be reported to the minor's probation officer immediately. This condition is in place so that juvenile probation officers can act as advocates for the minor's rehabilitation, which can include finding suitable tutors to maximize classroom performance or arranging mediation for parents having trouble communicating with their minor.


A minor on probation must submit to a curfew as determined by the probation officer. Monitoring for the curfew can include nighttime visitations by the probation officer or required call-ins by telephone to provide proof that the minor is inside his home by the appointed time.

Address and Travel Restrictions

A minor must inform a probation officer before he (or his family) intends to change his address or telephone number. In some cases, a change of address may require the approval of the probation officer before it can take place. Additionally, a minor on probation must obtain permission from his probation officer before leaving the state he is serving his sentence in for any amount of time.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

A minor must refrain from using illegal drugs and alcohol while on probation. He must also submit to random drug testing administered by the probation officer or probation staff.

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