How to Get a Real Estate License in Texas

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In recent years, the Texas housing market has outpaced much of the rest of the country's housing growth. For example, there were 29,000 new homes built in Dallas in 2016, while only 88,000 were constructed in the entire state of California. This housing boom is also a windfall for real estate agents, who have the opportunity to see record incomes in the near future. Like most states, Texas has a list of rules to follow in order to get a license to sell real estate. There are seven steps, all of which can be completed within a few months.

How Long it Takes to Get a Real Estate License in Texas

Some of the steps involved with getting a Texas real estate license are time-sensitive, while others can be finished at any time. To begin with, you have to wait until you're 18 years old before you can obtain your license. You have to register for and complete a study course of 180 hours, a series of six 30-hour courses. This can take months, depending on when the classes are being held, how many hours per week you go to class, and how many hours you need for extra study time. You need to find a sponsoring broker, which can take days or months. It's strongly recommended that you take an exam prep class, which can take extra weeks or months. Finally, you need to schedule and take the Real Estate exam.

How to Get Your Texas Real Estate License Online

Students with full time jobs or other commitments can have a difficult time scheduling classes to earn their real estate license. Fortunately, a number of companies offer all required classes online. Many have package deals that combine the required classes plus test prep and other study materials.

In order to help future real estate salespeople find legitimate schooling, the Texas Real Estate Commission offers a list of commercial providers for these classes, both brick-and-mortar and online, as well as a list of colleges and universities that offer them as continuing education.

How Much Does a Real Estate Agent Make in Texas?

A real estate agent's income is generally based on commissions, so income will vary widely. That said, as of March 2018, the average agent in Texas makes an approximate income in the mid- to-high $30,000s, with some making over $40,000. There are outliers in any profession, and some can make millions in the right market and with the right connections. However, the amounts stated here are closer to what you should realistically expect when going into this industry.


  • To get a Texas real estate license, you must be 18, take a list of classes, find a broker to sponsor you, submit forms and fees and get fingerprinted. Next, take and pass the state's licensing exam.