How Many Speeding Tickets Before Suspension in Texas?

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Most people can relate to the sinking feeling you get when you see flashing lights in your rear view mirror. As a police officer approaches your vehicle, you may be quickly running through whatever offenses you might have committed and how they will impact your driving record. If you were pulled over for speeding and have a history of driving too fast, you might be concerned about your license being suspended.

In Texas, if you receive four or more moving violations of any kind within a 12-month period, your license will be suspended. Additionally, if you are charged with seven or more moving violations within a 24-month period, you will also face suspension.

In addition to suspension due to the accumulation of too many points, Texas law permits suspension of a driver’s license for other crimes. For instance, if you cause an accident and do not have insurance, your license will be immediately suspended. Similarly, any violations that involve the use of drugs or alcohol, including underage drinking, will result in a license suspension. If you are driving recklessly and cause a fatality, you will also have your license suspended.

How Many Points Does a Speeding Ticket Give You in Texas?

Texas traffic law uses a points system for license suspensions. You will receive two points for any moving violation and three points for any violations involving a collision. This means that if you receive a speeding ticket, you will be charged with a moving violation and will receive two points on your license. However, if you were speeding and also hit another vehicle, you will receive three points on your license.

How Much is a Ticket for Speeding in Texas?

The cost of a traffic ticket in Texas varies depending on how fast you were going and the municipality in which you were pulled over. The full amount of your fine will be printed on the citation itself. In Houston, for instance, a ticket for driving 30 mph over the speed limit will cost $304. The same offense in San Antonio will cost $273, and, in Dallas, $304.10. Generally speaking, you will spend at least $100 for any speeding ticket in Texas, regardless of your speed or location.

How Many Years Does a Speeding Ticket Stay on Your Record in Texas?

You may wonder how long a speeding ticket stays on your driving record. In Texas, this sort of moving violation stays on your record for three years following the conviction date. Remember that if you receive four or more moving violations within a one-year-period, or seven or more within a two-year period, your license will be suspended.

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  • If you receive four or more moving violations within a one-year period in Texas, your license will be suspended. Further, seven or more violations within a two-year period result in license suspension.

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