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Whenever new parts are engineered and manufactured in the aviation, space and defense (AS&D) industry, a "first article inspection" must be performed. This worldwide standard, devised by the International Aerospace Quality Group, lays out the guidelines for paperwork and inspections that must be followed for customers to verify that the parts have been made according to international protocol. In North and South America, filling out an AS9102 form is the starting point for a first article inspection.

Fill out the Part Number Accountability portion, or Form 1, of your AS9102, which contains basic information such as part number, part name and, if applicable, serial number, part revision level, drawing number, drawing revision level and additional changes. If you have an FAI report number, include this in Section 4.

Fill in your organization's information in the next section of blanks, including your supplier code and manufacturing process reference number. If this is a detail part only, sign and date the bottom of the form and continue to the next sheet. If it's part of a larger assembly, include in Section 15 all other parts involved with this part's placement and operation. Then sign and date the form and continue to Form 2.

Include your part name and number again, as well as the serial number, FAI report number (if applicable) and material or process information of each assembly part, at the top of Form 2. Fill out the specification number, code, supplier code, certificate of conformance code and customer authorization information for each part in the assembly.

Enter in the data on functional tests and the acceptance report number for each of those tests at the bottom of Form 2. In Section 13, include any comments needed to illustrate the assembly (use a separate sheet for exhaustive details). Write your name, not your signature, at the bottom of the form and the date on which the form is being filled out.

Finish your AS9102 by filling out Form 3. Again, fill in the part number and name, serial number and FAI report number (if applicable) at the top. Finally, the characteristic numbers of the part or parts, which are assigned to each design characteristic, should be listed, along with the reference location on the assembly; drawing zone with page and section; characteristic designator, as in safety or fuel management, etc.; part requirement, which specifies the need for each part; and results, which indicates all pertinent measurements. Write the preparer's name and the date the form was filled out in sections 11 and 12. Mail the form or submit it electronically.


  • Listing detailed engineering specifications takes expertise. Make sure the preparer of the AS9102 is qualified. Reference the current AS&D standards in the Resources section.



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