How to File a Complaint on Charter Cable

Charter Communications Inc. provides cable, Internet, and telephone services to approximately 5.5 million customers in 27 states. Charter customers have filed 6,895 complaints with the Better Business Bureau during the BBB’s last 36-month accounting period. Only 5,663 of those complaints have been resolved, according to the Better Business Bureau. Since Charter’s inception in 1999, it has been inundated with problems, many stemming from being unable to service its more than 5.5 million customers, as evidenced by its March 27, 2009 bankruptcy filing. Charter customers unfortunate enough to be experiencing this unsatisfactory service have several options for recourse.

Gather Charter account information to begin the complaint process. Those without an account or those who are trying to initiate service should be ready to encounter some added resistance to resolving their issue, but at least those without an account will have the option of simply walking away from the issue.

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Call Charter’s customer service center at (888) 438-2427. Customers can expect a call to Charter Cable’s customer-service line to begin with the usual series of telephone recordings before getting in contact with an actual person. But once in contact, Charter’s customer service reps are usually friendly and reasonable.

File a complaint with Charter in writing at: Charter Communications, Attn: CCA-Charter Telephone, 941 Charter Commons Drive, Town & Country, MO 63017. If handling of the complaint is unsatisfactory, you may request a review by a supervisor.

Email Michael Henry, Customer Care Escalations Manager at [email protected].


  • If Charter Communications is unable to satisfy a customer’s needs, there is some recourse. Those with monetary claims against the company can obtain a Proof-of-Claim form by calling the U.S. Trustee at (212) 510-0500, according to the Better Business Bureau.

    For further action, customers can also utilize the Better Business Bureau’s Complaint Resolution Service at This service can be an informal and friendly alternative to going to court. For the more fortunate customers, going through this process will make them as satisfied as the other 5,663 customers the Better Business Bureau’s process has helped during this accounting period.

    For those customers still unable to resolve their issue, further guidance can be found from their state attorney general’s office or the Federal Trade Commission.

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