How to Obtain a New Identity

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Whatever your reason for wanting to change your identity, the process will not be easy. Read below to learn the process of obtaining a new identity and starting life as a new person.

Spend some time thinking about who you'd like to become. What will your new job be? Where will you live? It is vitally important to have a good idea about all those points before you take any steps to change your identity.

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Get yourself a new social-security number. The Social Security Administration will assign you a new number after viewing proof that you are a victim of violence or harassment by someone who knows your number and uses it to find you. If this applies to you, contact SSA, show proof of your situation and apply for a new number.

Get a new birth certificate, if necessary. Many desperate people will counterfeit a birth certificate. While this is very difficult and not recommended, you may be able to make one well enough to pass for identification to get a new driver's license. Some people search graveyards to find someone born near the time they were, and then apply for a birth certificate for that person and use it to get a new driver's license.

Get a new driver's license. Many states only require a current utility bill and another form of identification to obtain a new license. Once you have gotten your new social-security card and birth certificate, you may be able to use them at your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

Try every legal avenue first. Getting caught with forged documents is a federal offense.