How to Use a USA Handicap Tag in Canada

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Many countries have reciprocal agreements regarding the use of disabled parking placards. Both the USA and Canada are member countries of a European Conference of Ministers of Transport resolution on the mutual recognition of parking permits.

Check the local rules for the Canadian province being visited. While the reciprocity agreement allows for use of disabled parking spaces in Canada by American placard-holders, other local rules and restrictions may apply, such as the requirement to pay parking fees.

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Parked in a marked, designated disabled parking space.


Display the parking pass; hanging it from the center rear-view mirror.


Pay at the nearest parking meter or other payment receptacle, if parked in a space requiring payment.



  • Always check local law for additional parking rules and restrictions.


  • In addition to Canada, US-issued disabled parking placards can be used in many European countries as well as Australia, Japan, Korea and New Zealand.

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