Passport Requirements for Truck Drivers to Enter Canada

U.S. Border Security, Passport Inspection Station
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Entering Canada as a commercial vehicle driver requires adhering to import requirements and verifying identity. Because Canada's only land border is shared with the United States, trade opportunities specific to the two countries have been created with a set of requirements that make easier to obtain access passes for drivers with passports from both countries.


Two official, government-issued forms of identification must be presented to Canadian customs officials, including a commercial driver's license. The other document can be a passport, a birth certificate, a naturalization certificate or any other document that shows proof of identity and citizenship of the United States or Canada. Using a passport as a travel document is not required, but it is strongly recommended.

Free and Secure Trade Program

Permanent residents and citizens of the U.S. and Canada are eligible to obtain a FAST (Free and Secure Trade Program) card, which offers faster border clearance for pre-authorized shipments.

Other Commercial Trade Programs

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) offers a number of other programs designed to pre-approve commercial transporters and offer a more streamlined approach for truck drivers at the border. According to the CBSA, one such program, Partners in Protection, employs the use of industry partners "to share the responsibility of securing the supply chain," while the Commercial Driver Registration Program identifies frequent drivers with low-risk goods and expedites the border-crossing process.

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