How to Find the Name of an Indiana State Police Officer

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The Internet is a great way to share and find information, especially contact information. Indiana provides contact information for state employees on a website maintained by the state government. It includes the ability to search for the name and contact information of police officers who work for the state.

Find out which department employs the officer. Police officers work in several different departments in Indiana.

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Obtain either the last four digits of the officer's phone number or his first and/or last name.


Go to the "Find a Person" website (see Resources).


Input all the information gathered in Steps 1 through 3. If you don't know the department, perform a search in different departments and use the drop-down to help narrow your search. If you don't know the first or last name, leave this blank and only select the department for a list of names and their facilities.


Click "Search" for a listing of possible matches.


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