How to Obtain a Birth Certificate for Haiti

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In Haiti, a birth certificate (acte de naissance) is issued by the various local registry offices when the father and/or mother appears before the registry officer and provides a birth registration document, issued by the hospital where the child was born, a piece of identification and a marriage certificate (if the parents are married), and a statement. The birth certificate is registered by the registry officer in writing. The Haitian National Archives is the only institution that holds the vital statistics records for all Haitian nationals and, upon request, provides official copies of vital statistics records.

Contact your local Consulate General of Haiti or Haitian Consul in your state. Currently there are Haitian Consuls located in Washington, D.C., Miami, Chicago, Boston and New York City. A certified copy of a birth certificate from Haiti will cost up to $120.

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Contact the Haitian National Archives in Haiti. You can visit its website; a link to the site is provided in this article's Resources section. You can fill out the form online or call 509-2221-0292 to speak to a representative. That's a Haitian phone number; you'll need to dial proper international codes if you're calling from outside Haiti.

Contact the Embassy of Haiti's Consular section in Washington at 202-332-4090. You can also e-mail the office at [email protected]. One of the many services they offer is copies of birth certificates.

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