What Is an H6 Driving Record?

Some job applications require applicants to obtain a copy of their H6 driving record. The H6 driving record is a 10-year driving record containing additional information not found on a standard driving record.


An H6 driving record contains information from the previous 10 years instead of the standard three-to-five years found on most driving records. In addition, an H6 driving record may contain information regarding accidents as well as employment history not contained on a standard driving history.


An H6 driving record is generally requested for applicants in the commercial driving industry. Anyone with a commercial driver's license (CDL) may be required to provide an H6 record when applying for jobs or periodically during employment reviews. The H6 driving record gives prospective employers additional information not found on a standard driving record such as the reasons for past terminations of employment or whether the applicant was at fault in any accidents.



An H6 driving record can be obtained through the state agency regulating driver's licensing (usually known as the Department of Motor Vehicles or Bureau of Motor Vehicles). There is generally a separate form for requesting an H6 record and a fee applies.



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