How to Apply for a Brazilian Visa

By Christopher Michael
It is important to obtain a visa before traveling to Brazil.
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All visitors to Brazil from the United States are required to obtain a visa before traveling. Airlines will not allow anyone from the United States to board a flight to Brazil without a visa. U.S. citizens must apply for a visa in person at a Brazilian Consulate in the United States or at the nearest authorized visa service provider.

Visit the website of the Brazilian Consulate General nearest you. Browse the menu of visas and choose the one that applies to you. Options include tourist, student, business and missionary visas.

Click on the visa that suits your situation. You will be directed to a list of documents that you will be required to bring for your visa application. Any applicable fees will be listed.

If a Brazilian consulate is not located in your area, search the Internet for a suitable agency that will process the visa for a fee. You still must apply for the visa in person with the required documents.

Bring the required documents and a U.S. Postal money order in the amount of the applicable fees. Also bring your passport, where the visa will be issued.

Cooperate with staff. Answer any questions they may have truthfully, pay your fees and receive your visa.

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