How to Apply for Social Security Number for a K1 Visa Holder

her American fiance, a foreign-born spouse, permanent residence, the U.S.
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A K-1 visa holder is the foreign fiance of an American citizen. She is a citizen of another country and must apply for the K-1 visa for permission to enter the U.S. to marry her fiance. The marriage must take place within 90 days of the visa holder's arrival in the U.S. Once married, the K-1 visa holder can apply for permanent residency -- a green card -- allowing her to live and work in the states permanently. Green card holders may apply for a Social Security number, which helps with common employment, banking and taxes.

Apply During or After Green Card Application

You can apply for a Social Security number at the same time you apply for a green card. There are no special or additional forms to complete. You simply indicate on the application your desire to receive a Social Security number and Social Security card. The SSA will mail your card to the same address as your green card. If you didn't ask for a Social Security number with your green card application, visit your local SSA office and present your passport or green card and birth certificate. A customer service representative will help you complete and submit the application. Once approved, you'll receive your Social Security card usually within three weeks.

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