Florida Law on Hidden Cameras on Your Property

Hidden cameras are legal for security reasons, not to secretly spy on people for other reasons.
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Private property owners are entitled to protect their property with certain security measures. Home security takes the form of many different technologies such as alarm systems, personal security guards and hidden cameras. While you are well within your right to protect your family and your home, you must be aware of the laws in your state so as not to infringe on another person's rights. Hidden cameras are legal in Florida, but you must be aware of what can make them illegal.

Hidden Cameras in General

There is no law in Florida against having hidden cameras on your property. Individuals may implement cameras for security purposes. For instance, one may need to have this security while an individual is taking care of his child while he is away at work. Another example is an outside camera to catch unsuspected burglars or teens that have vandalized property in the past.

Video Voyeurism

The Florida statute on voyeurism clearly states when the use of hidden cameras is illegal. It is not legal to have a camera on your property for the purpose of secretly viewing another person while they are undressing or exposed in any way and the other person believes they are in a private place. For instance, if you have a hidden camera outside that is set up to view a neighbor's bedroom, you could be charged with voyeurism.

Cameras Inside Your Home

Having hidden cameras inside your home to protect your family is one thing; placing cameras in a bedroom not your own or in the bathroom is a crime. Florida law provides that you could be in violation of the video voyeurism statute if you record anyone who has a reasonable expectation of privacy and without her consent. In the case of a hidden nanny camera, a nanny would not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in most areas of your home while watching your child. Whereas, a girlfriend visiting your home for the evening may expect what she does there to be private.

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Notice of Hidden Camera

In the event you have hidden cameras outside your property for security purposes, Florida law requires that you display a written notice. You must post the notice in a conspicuous place advising those who read it that hidden cameras have been installed on your property for security purposes. This will avoid any future issues with law enforcement.