Florida Video Surveillance Laws

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Video surveillance laws vary from state to state throughout America. The state of Florida, for instance, has its own laws that cover cameras and recordings. These laws cover areas such as expectation of privacy, coercion, consent to record and who is responsible for giving the OK on putting up surveillance cameras.

Expectation of Privacy

One of the big concerns about video surveillance in Florida is the expectation of privacy. The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States reads that when a person has a reasonable expectation or privacy that it is infringing on their rights to invade it. The law has generally applied to places like bathrooms, changing rooms, locker rooms and other places where people have an expectation of privacy. Florida law frowns upon video surveillance in these places, and it's considered illegal to record video surveillance in these places except in narrowly defined circumstances.

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In the state of Florida, all parties must agree to the recording of any video surveillance for it to be legitimate and legal. In stores there should be a posted warning that states all shoppers, through their actions of patronizing the store, consent that they are allowing themselves to be videotaped. In other locales such as hospitals and police interviews it's important to get spoken and even written agreement from the person being recorded to ensure that all video recordings or surveillance are completely legal.

Owner Consent

Video surveillance requires the consent of the owner of the property. For instance, if you're renting a house or an apartment you need to get the approval of the owner before installing it. This could also apply for a rented store space. If the owner of the property doesn't consent to allow you to run surveillance on the premises then you may not have legal ability to run video surveillance on your premises.