How to Find My IFTA Number

IFTA licenses are valuable for interstate freight transportation.
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The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is a license available to business owners and corporations who transport goods or people in commercial vehicles across state lines. The license, which is not required by every state, offers simplicity in taxes related to interstate transportation among other benefits. Once registered for the IFTA there will be two important numbers assigned to you. The numbers are all found on the documentation sent to you upon approval or renewal of your IFTA license.

Locate the alpha-numeric code in the top right hand corner of your renewal application for your IFTA license. This is your "Express Login Code" that is used for registering your account online.

Locate the box labeled "Your Account Number." This is the number assigned to your account and you will need it when calling or contacting official offices in regards to your IFTA account as well as during the online registration process.

Register for your account services online, at the address provide on the license, using the two numbers above. Once you have registered you will have access to pay your quarterly returns online as well as order decals. During registration you will set up a user name and password which will be used on all future login attempts.

Sign into your account as needed to view your account number during the one-year validity period of the license. Use the sites online navigation links to process quarterly returns, discontinue paper returns and more. Benefits vary by state.


  • A valid IFTA license eliminates the need to obtain individual temporary fuel trip permits in each of the member jurisdictions your vehicles drive in.

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