How to Change My RE-4 Code for Reenlistment

The U.S. Military uses a series of reenlistment codes on the discharge papers of an individual who leaves the service for any reason. These codes range from RE-1, which means an individual is eligible for reenlistment, to RE-4, which means the individual is not recommended for reenlistment.

Step 1

Obtain DD Form 149 (see Resources). This form is an application to correct your military record. Your reenlistment code is part of your military record.

Step 2

Complete DD Form 149. Pay special note to these sections: In block 5, indicate that you want your reenlistment code to be changed to RE-1 so that you can re-enlist in the military. In block 6, state your reasons for requesting the change. In block 9, list your supporting evidence, such as letters of recommendation and documentation of a change in circumstances.

Step 3

Mail the completed and signed form, along with any written documentation and evidence, to the appropriate address as indicated on the back of the form. There is a different address for each branch of the military — Army, Navy and Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard.

Step 4

Relax and wait for the Board's determination of your application.

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