How to Format a Letter With Two Signatures

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In some professional settings, documents may need to be signed by more than one person. When one formal letter is being forwarding by two senders, you need to create two signature blocks. Generally, the best method to formatting a letter with two signatures is to use the traditional full block format with all the lines of the letter starting at the left. The two signatures should be placed on the same page following the closing.

Prepare the Letterhead

Open Microsoft Word or a similar word processing program to type the letter. Formal and professional letters should not be written by hand, and they should be typed on letterhead. If you don't have a personal letterhead, use 8 1/2 by 11-inch stationery. Skip four lines from the top of the page and type your name, title and return address in the center.

Alternatively, you can create your letterhead as a header on the page. In Microsoft Word, go to "Insert" on the menu tab and click "Header." Select the style of header you want.

Prepare the Document

Next, skip three lines and type the date. Choose your alignment, either centered or right-aligned. Skip two lines and type the recipient's name, title and address at the left margin. Precede the person's name with Dr., Mr., Mrs. or Ms. as appropriate. Skip four lines and type your salutation. Using the formal name of the recipient, type "Dear Mr. Smith:" for example.

Write the Letter

Skip two lines and begin the body of your letter. Introduce yourself and the company for which you work, if applicable. Continue to type the body of the letter. State the reason for writing to the reader. This may be to send a compliment, a complaint, updated information or to request information. Be as concise as possible.

When finished, skip two lines and close the letter. Use a closing, such as "Thank You," "Sincerely," or "Best Regards."

Create Two Signature Blocks

After the closing of your letter, skip four lines and type the name of the first person to sign the letter. Add the first person's company name and title directly below the their typed name.

For the second name, skip four lines after the first person's signature block. Type the name of the second person who is to sign the letter. Add the second person's company name and title directly under their typed name. When finished, print the letter and have each person sign their name in pen.


  • You can choose to add a blank line above the typed name of each person if you like.

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