How to Report an Illegal Alien to U.S. Immigration

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MSNBC reports that in 2010 there were approximately 11.2 million illegal immigrants living in the United States. With numbers continuing to rise, especially in states such as Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, it is essential to report illegal immigrants to the proper authorities. The United States Immigration and Custom Enforcement is a department of Homeland Security and takes all claims seriously. Following specific steps will ensure that your claim will be investigated and the illegal immigrant brought to justice.

Call the Homeland Security Investigations Tip Line.
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Call the Homeland Security Investigations Tip Line ( The tip line is used to report numerous incidents regarding illegal immigrants, especially for those engaging in human trafficking and smuggling. The average wait time for the tip line is one minute and callers can expect to be on the phone for approximately five minutes. When calling the tip line be sure to have specific information that includes the individuals' names, location and other pertinent information.

Homeland Security will detain and remove illegal immigrants from the United States.
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Visit Homeland Security offices. If your city or municipality has a Homeland Security office, you are able to go to the location and make a confidential complaint. When making a complaint to Homeland Security, ensure you have specific information that includes the accused person's name, address or last known location. To find a local Immigration and Custom office explore the Homeland Security Website (

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Contact your local law enforcement officer.
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Contact local law enforcement officers. Calling your municipality's law enforcement facility can provide you with assistance when reporting an illegal immigrant. Law enforcement officers can investigate the claim and detain the suspect until they are under the authority of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customer Enforcement department.


  • Do not engage in any acts of vigilantism. This can be quite dangerous as the background of each illegal immigrant can be quite different. If you feel you are in a situation that is dangerous, contact law enforcement and do not confront the suspected illegal immigrant.
  • Do not investigate the status of a suspected illegal immigrant. Homeland Security's Immigration and Custom Enforcement officers are trained to deal with investigating claims and may have more in-depth information than you have.