How to File a Police Report About Loud Neighbors in Chicago, Illinois

Noisy neighbors can cause a lot of frustrations, whether you're just trying to relax after a long day at work or just trying to sleep. Getting woken up by loud parties or arguments frustrates even the most patient of people, and eventually you may need to call the police on the matter.

Dial 311 to be forwarded to the appropriate police department for your complaint. 311 is the nonemergency number for filing a complaint after the fact. If the situation is an emergency, dial 911.

Give the department the relevant information, such as the time and location of the noise. Provide your neighbor's address and any other information the dispatcher asks for. If you are in an apartment, give your neighbor's apartment number.

Wait for the police to dispatch someone to the location. Depending on the severity of the incident, and whether it is ongoing, the police may send someone from either the Department of Environment or the Chicago Police Department to investigate. Ask over the phone whether you will need to be present when they arrive to make a statement.

Call 312-744-2277 to reach the Chicago Alternative Policing Solutions Hotline if the noise problems are recurring. You will be forwarded to the appropriate district and can obtain information on community meetings with local police officers with whom you can discuss the issue.


  • For mediation and assistance in dealing with problematic neighbors, call the Center for Conflict Resolution at 312-922-6464 to receive free mediation and assistance. If the dispute can be solved peacefully and without police involvement, the result may be easier for everyone involved. Ask your neighbors to quiet down first before you resort to calling the cops. They may not realize how loud they are being or that they are disturbing others. If conditions do not improve, file a noise complaint with the police.

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