How Can I Reschedule My Probation Appointment in Texas?

Missing a probation appointment in Texas may lead you to jail.
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Probation is a legal sentence by a judge. In many instances, probation is given instead of jail time for people convicted of lesser offenses. The terms of probation vary by case but are generally pretty strict. Any violations of the terms of probation could land you in jail. It is vitally important to reschedule any probation appointments in Texas rather than missing the appointment.

Make every effort to attend your probation appointment. Try to reschedule other events and make probation your first priority. It is a legal obligation and your attendance could affect future court decisions.

Contact your probation officer by phone or email. It is up to the officer whether you can reschedule your appointment. Call as early as possible when you know you need to reschedule.

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Leave a message. If your officer does not answer, make sure you leave a detailed voice message. If you don't hear back from him the next day, call again.

Provide your officer with a valid reason for why you must reschedule. If it is due to a scheduling conflict, such as not being able to get off work, give your officer contact information so he can verify the conflict. Be respectful and courteous when talking to your probation officer. If you have an attitude, he is less likely to agree to reschedule your appointment.

Attend your next appointment. Make sure you reschedule and write down when your next appointment is. Enter the date into a calendar or your phone so you don't forget.