Idaho Probation Rules

Failure to abide by probation terms in Idaho may result in arrest.
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Adult and juvenile offenders who commit a crime in most states, including Idaho, may be placed on probation as opposed to serving time in prison at the discretion of the sentencing judge. The defendant is given terms and conditions of probation that he must abide by, the most important one of which is to obey all laws. Failure to abide by probation terms may result in a return to court and to prison.

Juvenile Probation

Juveniles are monitored on probation through such approaches as alcohol or drug testing, electronic monitoring, counseling as directed and any other sanctions ordered by the courts. School attendance, community service and victim compensation are also crucial aspects of probation. According to information provided by the Blaine County government website, parental involvement is considered one of the main keys to the success of the juvenile and is addressed through the Juvenile Corrections Act. A program called the "Parent Project" offers structured management to address the issues of non-compliant or destructive adolescents.

Adult Misdemeanor Probation

Nez Perce County has offered Adult Misdemeanor Probation since 1998 for certain appropriate offenses. The purpose is to hold defendants accountable for their actions while the Probation Department supervises their compliance with probation conditions. Offenses typically approved for placement on misdemeanor probation include: driving under the influence, domestic violence offenses, theft, battery, drug possession, driving on a suspended license and some felonies which have been reduced to misdemeanors. Intervention offered through probation services includes: counseling such as substance abuse, mental health, anger management or domestic violence; cognitive intervention or life skills classes; educational or vocational programs; parenting classes; job searches; and sex offender treatment.

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Adult Felony Probation

Terms and conditions of adult felony probation in Idaho include the following: obey all laws, do not move without advising probation officer, report as directed, report all contact with law enforcement to probation officer, maintain honesty with probation officer, do not use illegal substances, pay court fees as directed and attend any counseling as directed. In addition, the defendant may be ordered to complete community service hours, submit to any evaluations ordered by the court, submit to drug testing, consume no alcohol, have no contact with the victim, submit to search and seizure as directed and abide by electronic home detention or GPS monitoring.

Probation Violations

Should a juvenile or adult offender fail to abide by the probation terms, probation may be revoked. Additional sanctions can include: court hearings, community service, enhanced supervision, payment of fines, jail terms, extension of probation, electronic monitoring or a sentence to prison. (References 3)