How to Get a Copy of Court Records in LA Superior Court

By Teo Spengler
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You can access files from Los Angeles Superior Court online or get copies to read at home. The court website offers a variety of ways to see and copy public records, whether you are a party to the suit or not. Alternatively, you can visit the court during business hours.

Access to Filings

Access documents filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court online. Go to the court website, find the "Access Your Case" bar in the center of the page and enter the case number. Although the website states this service is for people involved in the suit, all you need is the case number to access case records. Alternatively, go to the "Online Services" page to access public documents. You can view filings from probate court, small claims court, family court or general civil court, and can print the documents on your computer.

Family Law Divorce Judgment

You can order a copy of a family law divorce judgment from the 'Court Document Order' section of the "Divorce Judgment Documents" page. You'll pay a low per-page fee as well as an extra -- and hefty -- fee if you need to have the documents certified by the court clerk.

Visit the Courthouse

If you are in the area, you can walk right into the court clerk's office and ask to see a case file. You can purchase copies of any document for a per-page copy fee. Be sure you know the correct courthouse since there are 38 of them spread around Los Angeles County.

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