How to Locate an Officer of the NYPD

NYPD patrol car in motion
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The New York Police Department has 35,000 officers working in its many precincts spread throughout its five boroughs. With many officers on the streets, either on foot or on motor patrol, NYPD cops frequently interact with members of the public. Many of these citizens may want to locate an officer in order to make a complaint or inquire about a criminal incident in which they were involved. Finding specific officers may often require a bit of leg work and assumes that you know the name of the person you're trying to contact.

Call the Officer's Command

Call the officer's command – the precinct or specialized unit to which they're assigned. The NYPD provides contact information for all of its precincts.

Ask About the Officer's Shift

Ask the desk sergeant – or whoever answers the phone – about the officer's tour (shift) and how you might locate him or her.

Call the Main NYPD Switchboard

Call the main NYPD switchboard at 646-610-5000 if you don't know the command or precinct but have the officer's name. You may be able to locate the officer through his or her name alone.

Visit the Precinct

Visit the precinct or command where the officer is assigned. Precincts are open to the public and anyone is entitled to enter. Inquire within.

Contact the Civilian Complaint Review Board

Contact the Civilian Complaint Review Board – an independent, non-police agency that handles complaints against officers – if you are considering filing a grievance. You may be able to locate the officer in question through this avenue.

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