How to Get a Restraining Order in Spokane, Washington

By Sofie Krieger
If you are being stalked, harassed or abused, a restraining order will help protect you.

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Harassment and abusive behavior are serious problems. If someone is engaging in predatory behavior against you, file a restraining order to get the law on your side. There are several types of restraining orders you may file, depending on how you know the person you are filing the order against.

Go to the Spokane District Court Clerk's Office if you do not have any children under 18 with the person you are filing against. The District Court Clerk's Office is located on the first floor of the Public Safety Building at 1100 W. Mallon, Spokane.

Visit the County Clerk's Office for the Superior Court if you have children with the offender, are requesting he or she be removed from a home you live in together or are filing for divorce or custody of the children. The County Clerk's Office is at 1116 W. Broadway, Room 300, in the Spokane County Courthouse.

Carefully fill out all the information requested on the forms. Double-check to make sure there are no errors. You may be granted a temporary emergency protection order until a court hearing can be scheduled. Court hearings take place within 14 days of the initial filing and will determine the final status of the restraining order.

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