How to File a Restraining Order Against a Minor

You may file a restraining order against a minor (anyone under 18), prohibiting him or her from contacting you or your child. Follow these steps to obtain the order.

File a Restraining Order Against a Minor

Any individual against whom you seek a restraining order has the right to appear in court at the hearing. However, it is your right to seek a different seat should he or she choose to sit next to you in court. You may also ask for assistance from the court staff in keeping the defendant away from you while in court.

Go to the US Courts Web site (see Resources below) to look for courts located in your vicinity. You may search using zip codes, area codes or city and state names.

Contact the court clerk in your jurisdiction to determine which forms are required. The forms for filing a restraining order against a minor come with instructions. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that you seek assistance in completing them.

Prepare for your hearing by reviewing your evidence with a lawyer or domestic violence counselor. Visiting the court to view other restraining order cases may also prove useful in preparing for your day in court.

Seek help with filing restraining order forms in the case of domestic or dating violence by contacting your local crisis center. You can find information on crisis centers in your area on the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Web site (see Resources below). You may also call the organization's hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

Contact the police immediately if you feel that the restraining order you filed has been violated.

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