How to Notarize a Translated Birth Certificate

By Miles Jarvis - Updated April 12, 2017

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If you find yourself needing to have your birth certificate translated and verified by a Notary Public, unless you know the official course of action, getting a translated and notarized birth certificate can create an unnecessary headache. If you need to have your translated birth certificate notarized, save yourself time and make sure you start the notarizing process off on the right foot.

Find a Translator

Appoint someone who is fluent in both the source and target languages to translate your birth certificate. The translator does not need to be a professional or licensed translator, but must have the advanced language skills needed to perform the translation. For example, the birth certificate can be translated by yourself, a friend or a translation agency.

Notarize the Translator's Work

Have your translated birth certificate certified by the person or agency that translated it. A certification is a sworn, signed and dated statement written by the translator or translator agency confirming that the translation is complete and accurate. If your translated birth certificate is certified by a translation agency, a company seal must accompany the statement. Also, consider having your translator sign their statement and have this statement notarized.

Notarize Your Signature

Submit your certified translation to a Notary Public for notarization. A Notary Public will sight the certified translated birth certificate, sign the document and affix it with an official notary seal.


You can find Notary Publics in foreign consulates, insurance agencies, banks and court houses.

Be prepared to pay a small fee to the Notary.


Some governmental agency and organizations may only accept certified translations from translation agencies to ensure accuracy of translation.

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