How to Reduce Your Probation

Being on probation means that you have been found guilty of a crime punishable by time in jail, but have had the sentence suspended a provided that you follow certain conditions for a specific time. There are several different kinds of probation. Unsupervised probation indicates that you will be released and the probation rescinded as long as you stay out of trouble with the law. Supervised probation means that you must comply with the conditions of the court and report on a regular basis to a probation case manager. Reduction of your probation may be granted by the court and is often considered if a recommended by your probation officer.

Meet with your probation officer to discuss your situation. Your probation officer can be your greatest supporter or detractor concerning your probation, depending on how well you have complied with the conditions of your permission. Having a recommendation from your probation officer to have your probation reduced can greatly increase your chances with the court.

Contact the court and request a hearing.

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Plead your case to the court and be prepared to support your request with any documentation or testimony that will support your request. Factors such as the length of probation already served, compliance with the terms of your probation, and any unusual circumstances (such as a family hardship) may warrant modifying your probation.

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