How to Ask for a Probation Travel Permit

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Sometimes the courts will decide to place a person on probation instead of sentencing him to prison. While probation allows a person to remain free in the community, probationers may not usually leave the county or, sometimes, the state, depending on the jurisdiction, without a travel permit from the probation officer. Your probation officer will only grant your request for a travel permit if you meet certain conditions.

Obtain and organize all documentation needed to request the travel permit. Your probation officer may only grant you a travel permit for an emergency, so a vacation may not qualify. You will usually need proof of the circumstances, such as medical statements or a letter from an employer, if your travel is work-related. Granting a travel permit is completely at the discretion of the probation officer.

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Call your probation officer to request the travel permit and to schedule an appointment.

Bring all documentation to your probation officer for the scheduled appointment.

Keep the travel permit with you at all times while you are out of your supervising county or state jurisdiction. Show it in the event of any contact with law enforcement personnel. Advise your probation officer of any such contact immediately.


  • Don't just show up at the probation office to request a travel permit. You probably will not receive it. Your probation officer needs to investigate your reasons for travel. Your probation officer may not be in the office that day, and another probation officer may not want to grant you the travel permit since he does not know you. In addition, writing up a travel permit takes time, and your probation officer may have other tasks at hand such as a tight deadline for court. Some offenses, such as sex offenses, do not qualify to receive travel permits, no matter the circumstances. Ask your probation officer if you have questions.


  • You must be in compliance with your probation terms and conditions in order to receive a travel permit. This includes making all court payments as directed.

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