How to Remove a Felony From Your Criminal Record

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Many reasons exist to have a felony removed from your permanent record. Employers often use background checks as a means by which to assess an individual's character. Having a felony on your record may discourage employers from hiring you. You might also have a difficult time passing a credit check or getting approved for an apartment or house due to having a felony criminal record. Getting a felony removed from your record can be a very challenging experience, but the benefits are worth the effort.

Locate a lawyer in your local area and get a consultation. The expungement process is different in every state and has different requirements. A local lawyer can help you get a firm understanding of what the process entails and what you will have to do.

Follow and obey all court orders and laws. It is essential that you follow court orders and obey the law to keep yourself out of any further trouble. The court will examine your record carefully during the expungement process. If you have been arrested or charged with additional crimes subsequent to your felony, your request might be denied.

Consult with your lawyer to ensure you are eligible for felony expungement. There are many different classes and levels of felonies and some of them cannot be expunged. For example, in many states certain types of felonies involving the bodily harm of another person, such as murder and sexual assault, cannot be expunged from your record. Classes vary from state to state so checking with your attorney will help you assess whether or not you are able to expunge the felony.

File an expungement petition if you qualify. After you have filed your petition, a local judge will review the petition and decide whether to approve or deny your request. You will be required to show up for a hearing with the judge. Dress professionally and present your case before the judge.


  • Felonies involving sexual assault typically cannot be expunged.



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