How to Find Out if I Have a Warrant in Pueblo County, Colorado

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If there is a warrant out with your name on it, you need to know. An outstanding warrant could mean the loss of a job opportunity or land you in the Pueblo County, Colorado jail if not taken care of. Sometimes, it's a matter of simply forgetting that you didn't pay a traffic fine, while other crimes may be more serious. Avoid the possibility of getting arrested at your home or during a traffic stop by clearing any warrants on your record.

Search your personal records and receipts for any unpaid fines or required court appearances you might have missed. Warrants are only issued for unresolved legal or criminal proceedings, so if you don't have any loose ends, you shouldn't have a warrant.

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Call the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office at 719-583-6125 or visit the office at 909 Court Street, in downtown Pueblo, to get information about possible unresolved legal issues. Usually, the amount of information that can be given over the phone is limited to general inquiries, while more detailed information can be gathered by visiting in person with your state issued ID.

Use an online warrant search service to trace any warrants you might have. The services require a small fee to place a search. Sites generally require you to create an account with a user name, password and credit card payment information. Use a site recommended by the courts, to ensure a secure search.


  • Walking into the sheriff's office does not automatically mean you will be arrested if you do have an outstanding warrant. If depends on what your warrant has been issued for. In many cases, you will be scheduled to appear before a judge to resolve the warrant, either the same day or at a date in the future. Be sure to appear for that court date to avoid further legal problems.

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