How to Fill Out a Waiver of Mechanic's Lien

A mechanic's lien waiver is used as proof a contractor was paid for the labor, material and services provided on a project. Contractors sign a mechanic's lien waiver as the job progresses and payments are made. The lien waivers are either conditional or unconditional. Conditional releases state the contractor waives his right to file a mechanic's lien upon receipt of payment for work performed up to a stated date. An unconditional mechanic's lien waiver states the contractor has in fact been paid in full for the stated work.

Write the name of the maker of the check in the space provided on the mechanic's lien release form. Fill in the amount of the payment.

Write the name of contractor the payment is being made to. Use the company name of the contractor when applicable.

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List the name of the owner of the premises on which the work was performed. Write the address where the work was performed.

Specify the work being referred to in the lien release. The mechanic's lien waiver must state the contractor was paid for services performed up to a certain date.

Date and sign the mechanic's lien release form. Include the company name and the name of the person signing the lien release form.


  • Do not sign an unconditional release form until the check received for payment has actually cleared the bank.


  • Most states have a variety of free mechanic's lien release forms that can be downloaded free from the contractor's licensing board.

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