How to Reverse a Power of Attorney

Reversing of a power of attorney.
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A person with power of attorney (POA) acts on your behalf in legal or financial affairs. For instance, if you are sick or out of the country this person may pay your bills or make deposits or withdrawals from your bank account. The person should be someone you trust, such as a relative, a close friend or your lawyer. The person or persons named in your POA are called agents. You may reverse or revoke your power of attorney at any time as long as you are of sound mind.

Fill out a power of attorney revocation form or enter your information on a blank sheet of paper.

Write your full name and the date on the form or paper.

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Write that you are of sound mind and that you wish to reverse or revoke your power of attorney.

Write the name of the agent or agents who are the power of attorney and specify the date the power of attorney was put in place.

Sign the document.

Make four to five copies of the document.

Give one copy of the document to your agent or agents whom you are revoking of power of attorney privileges. Give one document to a third party such as your lawyer, bank or hospital. Keep other copies and the original document in a safe place.


  • When reversing a power of attorney, you may fill out another legal form to name someone else as your POA agent or you can handle all affairs yourself and have no power of attorney. Fill out a revocation form given to you by your lawyer or find one online (see Resources).

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