How to Write a Rescind Letter

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There are many different reasons why you may wish to write a rescind letter to get out of a legal contract. Before you begin, you should check your contract to see if rescission is covered by a contract clause. If rescission is not covered in your contract, you will need to check state law provisions to see if your particular type of contact can be rescinded. Common examples of contracts that can be rescinded include door-to-door sales contracts and time-share contracts.

Letter Basics

Address your letter to the other party with the address provided in the notice provision of your contract. In the subject line, state, "letter to rescind." In the introductory paragraph of your letter, state when and where you signed the contract, your contact information, the subject matter of the contract and any other information that will help the other party identify you.

Reasons for Rescinding

In your second paragraph, state why you wish to rescind the agreement. For example, state that you have changed your mind about the agreement or you wish to rescind because you are still within the applicable rescission period. Be sure to identify the corresponding state law or clause in your contract, if applicable. Also, make sure you be as specific as possible as to avoid any confusion with your reason to rescind.

Other Considerations

Let the other party know how to contact you if they accept your offer to rescind. Send your letter by certified mail, especially if the rescission period is time-sensitive. Additionally, you should make a copy of the contract and attach it to your letter as a reference point.

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