How to Terminate a Contract for Services

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Determine why you are ending the agreement. This may determine the method you use to communicate that you are terminating it. If you are terminating the agreement because the other party has breached the terms of the contract, you will need to site specific occurrences of when the party did not meet his contractual obligations.

Write a professional letter to the other party stating that you are providing notice that you are terminating the agreement. In the first part of the letter, identify the agreement by specifying the parties, the title of the document ("Agreement for Lawn-Mowing Services, for example.), the date it was signed and the termination date. Many agreements require that one party give the other party notice of termination and the termination occurs after that notice in usually 30, 60 or 90 days. The final date is the agreement's termination date. Next, address why you are terminating the agreement. Finally, outline the process for finalizing the termination, such as returning materials or equipment, if applicable.

Hire an attorney for a quick review of your letter, especially if you are terminating an agreement because the other party breached the terms. Contentious situations may lead to litigation, and having an attorney review your termination letter may significantly protect you because the letter can be introduced into court.

Send the letter by certified mail or other mail service that requires a signature at delivery and gives you proof of such delivery. Maintain all records of the agreement and its termination.


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