How to Report Illegal Immigrants Anonymously and Freely

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Former President Ronald Reagan is quoted as saying, “A nation without borders is not a nation.” Federal laws collectively known as the Immigration and Nationality Act provide specific rules and procedures for a foreigner to legally reside and work in the U.S. An immigrant who lives or works in the country without proper authorization is in violation of federal law and faces deportation. If you suspect that someone is in the country illegally, you can file an anonymous report for free with the appropriate government agency.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Contact Immigration and Customs Enforcement at 866-347-2423 to report an illegal immigrant. You can also report your suspicions over the internet, use the Homeland Security Investigation Tip Form, available at Provide any available information, such as the illegal immigrant’s name, address and employer.


Send an anonymous report to the Federal Bureau of Investigation using its online tip form. Include details of any suspected illegal activity.

The Social Security Administration

Report the fraudulent use of a Social Security number by an illegal immigrant to the Social Security Administration by calling the fraud hotline 800- 269-0271. You can also file a report online using the Fraud Reporting form available on the SSA website.

The department of Health and Human Services

Call the Department of Health and Human Services fraud alert hotline at 800-447-8477 if you believe an illegal immigrant is fraudulently receiving government benefits such as food stamps or welfare.

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