How to Place an Advertisement for a Name Change

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Courts in the United States have only a limited ability to deny a petition for a name change. If the person is over 18 years old, then a court can deny a name change only on the grounds that it is a threat to the public. Because name changes are governed by state law, the procedures vary from state to state. Some states require the petitioner to post her name change publicly. This is done to alert the public and give the public an opportunity to object to the petition. Learn and follow the laws of your state.

Contact your local newspaper. Use the Internet or the phone book to find the newspaper's phone number. Make sure the newspaper you contact is distributed in your town or city.

Call the newspaper's office and announce that you would like to take out a personal advertisement in the Announcements section of the newspaper. Include both your old name and your new name in the announcement, and make it clear that you have changed your name. Some state laws may require you to list your address in the announcement.

Arrange for a payment with a credit card over the phone for the announcement.

Obtain a copy of the newspaper with the announcement. Some state laws require proof of an announcement to complete the name-change petition. Cut the announcement out as proof.


  • Some courts may require you to make an announcement by posting a flyer on a particular bulletin board in your town or city and do not require a newspaper advertisement.



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