How to Change Your Name in Broward County, Florida

You can change your name in Broward County, Florida, without the assistance of a lawyer. If you are making the change because of a recent marriage or divorce, it is as simple as bringing the proper paperwork with you when changing your name on your driver's license and other legal documents. If you are changing your name for other reasons, you will need to have a judge’s order.

Determine the reason for your name change. Before legally changing your name, you will have to determine if the change is for marriage, divorce or other reasons. Each reason will require different types of paperwork and procedures to get your name changed.

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Gather the appropriate documentation. If you have recently married, all you need in order to change your name in Broward County, Florida, is a copy of your marriage certificate. If you are changing back to your maiden name after a divorce, you will need to have the request for the name change added into your divorce papers and have it approved by a judge during your divorce hearing. If you are legally changing your name for any other reason, personal or professional, you will have to request a hearing in front of a judge who, if he grants your request, will give you paperwork to legally make the change.

Request a hearing. If you are changing your name for a reason other than marriage or divorce, you will have to request a hearing in a Broward County court. At the hearing, you will explain to the judge why you are requesting the change and he will approve or deny the request. As of March 2011, the cost in Broward County to request a hearing, file paperwork and complete a name change is $401.

Change your name on all legal documents. Once you have gathered all of the necessary paperwork, it is time to start changing your name on all your legal documents and forms of identification. Change your name on your Social Security card, U.S. Passport, vehicle title and registration and on your driver’s license. Also change your name with the postal service and Internal Revenue Service, as well as on your credit cards, bank accounts, investment accounts and with any organization you are a member of.

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