How to Register as an Ex-Felon in Las Vegas

Some convicted felons must resgister with the police in Nevada.
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Anyone convicted of a Category A felony in the State of Nevada must register as an ex-felon within 48 hours of entering the state or upon release from prison in Nevada. Category A felonies include first or second-degree murder, first degree kidnapping, sexual assault, using a minor to create child pornography and battery with intent to commit sexual assault. Persons convicted of any two felonies in any other state are also required to register with Nevada police. Registered felons in Nevada are not required to carry a registration card.

Step 1

Report to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Fingerprint Bureau located at 5880 Cameron Street in Las Vegas within 48 hours of entering the state of Nevada.

Step 2

Report to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Records Bureau on the first floor of City Hall at 400 East Stewart in Las Vegas if you arrive in Las Vegas on a holiday or on a weekend.

Step 3

Report to either of the above addresses within 48 hours of being convicted of an additional felony or within 48 hours of changing residences.

Step 4

Complete a registration form or provide a statement in writing that identifies your full name, any aliases, your physical description, the crimes of which you were convicted, where you committed those crimes, where you were incarcerated, where you now reside and when you intend to leave Las Vegas.

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