How to Find Out a Jury Duty Number

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A juror’s registration number is usually printed at the top of his summons for jury duty or on an attached juror registration card. If a juror loses his jury summons, he should call the clerk of the court for which he has been summoned for jury duty. A juror should provide his name, address and other identifying information to get the juror number.

A juror may also visit the clerk of court in person to get the juror number. If a juror wants another summons card, he should give the clerk enough time to reissue the card by mail.

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When a Juror Doesn’t Show

If a juror does not show up for jury duty, the court may impose a fine. The amount of the fine varies by state and the discretion of the judge. A judge can also impose a bench warrant for her arrest. If the juror is convicted of the offense for not appearing for jury duty, she may be incarcerated.

When a Juror Doesn’t Know His Court

There are many different levels of courts, including state courts with branches at the city or county level, and federal district courts. The court that selected the juror is usually in the region in which the juror lives.

A juror who does not know the court in which he is scheduled to appear should research the courts in his rough geographic area. He should then call or visit the various clerk of court’s offices in his area. He can find his juror number and the court to which he must report by the process of elimination.

How to Log in for Jury Duty

In some courts, jurors are required to log in to an electronic jury management system. Miami-Dade County’s system is called E-JUROR. Jurors must complete a questionnaire within seven days of receiving the jury summons. The electronic system provides reporting instructions.

In Santa Clara County, California, the system is called the Prospective Juror Login Website. A juror will need to log in to verify or update information before her reporting date.

The Point of a Juror Number

The jury duty number helps the court identify and track a potential juror through the jury process. The steps include registration, reporting and voir dire, the jury selection process. A juror number allows an individual to phone in or check in. That way the court knows the juror received notice and will appear.

What Is a Group Number?

Often a court assigns jurors a group number and an individual number. The point of having a group number is to ask members of the group to report on a particular time and place. For example, members of group 310 may be ordered to report to room 203 of the courthouse at 8:00 a.m. Members of group 315 may be ordered to report to room 205 at 1:00 p.m.

The point of having an individual number is to allow a juror to know when he is being excused. Some courts issue jurors badge numbers. A badge number is used when calling the court's automated jury system. It does not replace a group or individual number.

When a Juror Loses a Summons

A juror who has lost her jury summons should call the phone number for the clerk of the court. The juror can also read instructions on the clerk of court’s website about what to do in case of a lost jury summons. The juror may also visit the clerk of court’s office and request a new jury summons. A jury summons usually contains a parking pass and reporting instructions.