How to Find Information on Inmate Court Date

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Finding an inmate's court date is relatively simple and canbe completed online with some basic case information.

Finding information on an inmate’s court date is easy if you know the county and state of incarceration. The information is a matter of public record, and most counties will have it online in a searchable database by name or case number for free, but upcoming case dates for famous—or infamous—people may be kept private in order to discourage crowds.

Web Search

Search for the clerk of the court in the county and state where the inmate is incarcerated or where the offense was committed. Navigate to the court calendar, sometimes called the court docket.

Select the type of case, for example: criminal, civil, family or traffic.

Search by name or case number. Some court websites also allow searches by lawyer name, judge name or other criteria.

Select the case associated with the name of the inmate you’re trying to find from the list of names and cases. There may be more than one case for the same person, or more than one person with the same name. If so, you can narrow it down using other information you may have, like date of birth, middle initial or crime committed. Cases are usually sorted with most recent at the top, so start at the top and work down.

Select the first case listed for the inmate. A full detail sheet of the history of the case will open. On the detail sheet, you’ll find the details of the charges and everything that has happened to date, money that is due or has been paid, whether there is bail, the attorney’s name, the judge’s name and court dates, including the next court date and the courtroom number. If this is not the case you’re interested in, go back to the listing and try the next case. Repeat as necessary until you find the case you're looking for.


  • The clerk of court website for your county may not be worded in exactly the same way. Some use slightly different language, which can make finding the court records a little more difficult, but all should have the information.

    Occasionally, cases are moved to another court at the last minute, making the website out of date. Inmates are usually taken to the courthouse for hearings, so if you do not see the inmate in the court, check with the clerk of court office. It is usually located in the same building.

    In the event the county you are searching does not have an online database, call or visit the clerk of court's office or the prosecutor's office.


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