How to Find a Person in Jail in Louisiana

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To find a person incarcerated in Louisiana, you will need the person's first and last name. If you have the person's Department of Corrections number and birth date, you will be even more successful in locating the prisoner. There are three different prison systems in the state: federal prisons, Louisiana state prisons, and local county and parish jails. Often times, you can search for inmates in Louisiana completely online.

Locate a prisoner in a federal prison in Louisiana. Enter the prisoner's identification number or his first and last name into the corresponding fields on the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Inmate Locator Web page. You can narrow your search by selecting the individual's race, sex and age. Press "Search" and a list of inmates that match your search information will be listed. The individual's current prison location or release status is listed next to each result.

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Find an inmate in a Louisiana state prison. Go to the Louisiana Department of Corrections' Inmate Locator online (see Resources). Enter the inmate number, or the inmate's first or last name into the corresponding fields. You can also call 225-383-4580 to access the automated Inmate Locator hotline 24 hours a day. You will need the inmate Department of Corrections (DOC) number or the inmate name and birth date to find out which jail the inmate is located at by phone.

Check on the whereabouts of a person located in a Louisiana parish or county prison. Call the local parish or county sheriff's office to find out if he is incarcerated at that jail. You can also go online to the county or parish website and lookup the current inmate roster to see if he is doing time there. For example, both St. Charles Parish and East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff offices have a jail or inmate roster page which is updated daily.