How to Track Your Green Card Status

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A green card allows immigrants to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis. Receiving a green card is the next-to-last step before becoming a full-fledged American citizen. Green cards are issued for employment, to family members of American citizens, to refugees and seekers of political asylum. The procedure for procuring a green card involves many steps, but applicants can stay abreast of their status by checking with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, whose website provides real-time updates for applicants.

Go Online

Navigate to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) "Case Status Online" web page. The website can be viewed in Spanish by clicking on the "Español" link located in the upper-right corner of the site.

Enter Your Green Card Application's Receipt Number

Your application's receipt number is a 13-digit number listed on your application's receipt and all correspondence you have received from the USCIS. It begins with three letters and includes numbers and characters – only dashes should be omitted. After entering your receipt number click the "Check Status" button located below the input box.

Check the Status of Your Green Card Application

After entering your receipt number, circles pertaining to green card applicants will show an application's progress. The first step is acceptance and is completed after the USCIS has received your application. Other steps involved in your green card application process include initial review, additional evidence requested, testing, in-person interview, decision and card production. A highlighted circle indicates which step in the process your application is currently in.

Register for Automatic Email Updates

Located in the left hand column on the "Check My Status" page is a link titled "Sign-up for Case Updates." After creating a USCIS account, applicants receive an update each time their case has a status change.


  • During the green card process applicants must update changes to their personal information by calling USCIS or using the agency's website.



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