Court-Approved DUI Schools in Fresno, California

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If you are a DUI offender, California DUI laws allow for the court may order you to enroll in a state-approved DUI school or alcohol education program to address any underlying issues that may be causing your alcohol or substance abuse. However, anyone convicted of an alcohol-related driving offense or driving under the influence can voluntarily enroll in a DUI class. If you've committed a California DUI, you have many different options for drug education and DUI classes in Fresno, whether you are a first-time or multiple offender.

Kings View Community Services

The Kings View DUI program is open to DUI offenders who are 18 years or older. Different course options for Fresno are available, including a DUI first offender program over three, six or nine months, a 12-month program and an 18-month program. A "wet reckless" program is also available for individuals convicted of a driving offense with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of less than .08.

The course location is 1410 F Street Suite 101, Fresno, CA. Kings View is a member of the California Association of Drinking Driver Treatment programs and licensed by the state.

Fresno County Hispanic Commission

Fresno County Hispanic Commission's state-licensed Driving Abuse Treatment & Education, or DATE, program offers DUI classes suitable for first-time and multiple offenders, including a "wet reckless" program and three-, six-, nine- 12- and 18-month programs. Classes are held at 1803 Broadway Street, Fresno, CA.

A & J Social Services

A & J Social Services provide DUI classes at Fresno County's ACTION Center, located at Fresno County courthouse at 1100 Van Ness Avenue, Fresno, CA. The A & J DUI program is licensed by the state of California, and program duration ranges from six weeks to 18 months, depending on whether the participant is a first-time or multiple offender.

Local DMV DUI Classes

Sometimes the Department of Motor Vehicles provides DUI classes. Contact Fresno DMV at (800) 777-0133 to enquire about current court-approved DUI classes. Program information may also be posted on the Fresno DMV website.

Cost of DUI Classes

You can expect to pay around $300 to $400 for enrollment in a wet reckless DUI program, about $600 for a three-month program, about $1,200 for a nine-month program and about $1,800 to $1,900 for an 18-month program.

If you can't afford to pay your DUI class tuition all at once, ask the course provider if you can pay a deposit when you start, and then pay the balance in installments. If you cannot afford to pay for the class tuition at all, you may qualify for a DUI program fee waiver.