How to Obtain MVA Identification Card for a Minor in Maryland

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It is never too early to secure a Maryland identification card for your minor child. An official ID will be invaluable in an emergency situation or for booking travel arrangements. You will need to take her birth certificate and other documents to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration office and pay a small fee. After receiving the child's ID card, make copies for yourself and appropriate caregivers.

Visit a Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration office with the minor child. Provide the minor's original or certified birth certificate and Social Security card to prove eligibility to receive a identification card.

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Present your state issued identification and utility bill to satisfy the eligibility requirement to prove your identification and address as parent or legal guardian of the minor.


Provide your signature, in the presence of a Motor Vehicle Administration employee, stating the minor lives at the address provided on the utility bill.


Pay $15 to complete the application process. The form of payments accepted by the Motor Vehicle Administration are cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.


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